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Services Etudes Representation Participation Trade Agency, Surveys & Bondholding

SEREPAR is a consulting and services company originally established in Kinshasa DR Congo in 1996 by Mr JL Katanga who saw the opportunity to introduce and interconnect business people from and around Africa and the other continents with their commercial/industrial needs.

With the huge trade and commerce opportunities offered by     the Central and West Africa markets, the vision of SEREPAR is, therefore, to market, to  deal and to become the consultancy and services provider of choice in the Central African Region.

SEREPAR applies commercial, technical and management systems, services and products to Business, thus ensuring delivery and Customer satisfaction.

SEREPAR possesses unrivalled expertise in Africa and skills on a global scale in numerous sectors of the Economy, thanks to its organisation and network of consultants consultants and associates namely: Manufacturing, food processing, Construction Transport, logistics, Energy production, transmission and systems maintenance, Consumer products.


International Trade

Consumer Products

Transport and Logistics

In the Industry, SEREPAR ensures that deals and deadlines are met in time, quality, right cost and safely for men and material.


  • African Mining (Rand Merchant bank) – Rehabilitation of Sodimico (1994 – 1996)
  • Afriore – Rehabilitation of Musoshi, Kimpe, Kinsenda mines

1997- 1999

  • Oceana fishing – Fishing venture at Pointe Noire
  •           1999 – 2000
    Kanzi & Fundu Nzobe – Mining rights obtained (2000)

     *  SAA – Flight frequency increase (2002) and Landing Rights at Brazzaville (Republique of Congo)

  • Sogetel – Africa Speak/ African Legend – Study of CDMA System (2001 - 2003)
  • Fusion (2002)

        – Bus transport system for the city of Kinshasa

  • Fire fighting system for the city of Kinshasa
  • Sewer System for the City of Kinshasa
  • LS Turnkey Projects – DR Congo Government tenders (2002)
  • Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises – Leasing of an aircraft fleet (2003)
  • AFRICA TELECOM – STC Project (2003- 2004)
  • PIONEER FISHING – fishing right in the Gulf of Guinea
  • Aspen – introduction of new medicine(ARV) and Launch of a new laboratory (Laphaki) in Kinshasa (2002 – 2005)
  • Bio Delta : marketing of organic products (2005)
  • Cameroon Airlines – Mandate to dispose of US$2 500 000 worth of aircraft spare parts (2006)
  • Muana Mbuji Trading:Mandate to dispose of a timber production
  • Senge – Senge : Mandate to market timber products
  • Entreprise Miniere de Kisenge – Mandate to dispose of a 6 million tonne of Manganese ore stocked at Kisenge(2006)
  • AVC – Bunia airport rehabilitation (2006)
  • Yekani Mining Cameroon & BSGR resources Ltd:

       Operation of Fongo Tongo site (2006)

  • GCP – Tailings of Panda
    • Mukoba Mine
    • Maniema Project
  • SA Biofuels Membership and delegation the Africa Region

           from SA Biofuels.

  • PENGEN Trading Ltd – Registration of wellness kit CD4 max In DR Congo.

Why Choose SEREPAR?

We make and sell products that are intended for direct use by the buyers for their own use and enjoyment and to satisfy current wants or needs.

Textile Products80%
Pharmaceutical Products70%
Beauty - Hygiene60%
Manufacturers and Distributors65%
Services Etudes Representation Participation Trade Agency, Surveys & Bondholding
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